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In celebration of UFV's 40th anniversary,
the UFV Alumni Association are pleased to honor our
Top 40 Alumni award winners.
The following 40 alumni exemplify the very best of UFV.

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A new logo, look, awards, and board membership were unveiled at the AGM on Sept. 24

Alumni Hall ribbon cutting

In partnership with UFV Alumni Engagement, the association introduced UFVs renovated Alumni Hall. The revamped hall now celebrates alumni success from floor to ceiling, featuring three flat-screen TVs highlighting exceptional UFV alumni beneath a large, green art piece peppered with alumni headshots and modern design.

Atop a new coat of green paint rests the new Alumni Association's fresh new logo, replete with a stylistic leaf growing from the end of 'UFV'. The new look is in many ways symbolic of the fresh direction of the Alumni Association board of directors under the leadership of chairman, Justin P. Goodrich. 

At the AGM the board bid farewell to outgoing board members Len Goerke (BA '98) after 6 years of service and one year as Secretary, and Stephanie Jackson, (AA '11) for one year of service. They welcomed new board members Ali Siemens (BA '13), Darren Whitehouse (BA '14), and Lisa McMartin, (BA Crim '06).

During the Alumni Hall reception, Goodrich presented Alumni Association Chair Emeritus awards to Stacey Irwin as first and long-term chair of the Alumni Association from 2001 to 2008, Tony Luck for serving as chair from 2008 to 2013, and Jason Barnes for being immediate past chair in 2013. The board also awarded Dr. Joanna Sheppard with an honorary life membership to the UFV Alumni Association for her exemplary dedication to UFV students, in addition to awarding Natalia Montgomery with the Alumni Volunteer of the Year award.