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The UFV Alumni Association began April 1, 2001 and has been growing steadily since.

The UFV Alumni Association’s purpose is to foster a lifelong relationship between alumni and the University of the Fraser Valley through advocacy, support, service and communication.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to:

  • Develop and maintain contact with the Alumni for social, professional and networking purposes;
  • Provide benefits in the form of programs and services for members of the Alumni Association;
  • Increase awareness of UFV, its programs and its activities;
  • Assist and support alumni groups from various disciplines within UFV;
  • Strengthen ties with the student body including the sharing of career experiences and opportunities;
  • Assist and support the UFV Foundation in fundraising and creating endowments.

Who Qualifies as an Alum?

UFV “alumni” means students who have graduated with a masters degree, bachelors degree, diploma, certificate or citation from the Fraser Valley College, from the University College of the Fraser Valley or from the University of the Fraser Valley or who, prior to January 1, 2004, have earned 30 or more credits.

As an alumnus of UFV, you are entitled to benefits exclusively offered through the Alumni Association. However, in order to benefit, you must present your alumni membership card. If you qualify for a card but have not received one, please email