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Justin P. GoodrichJustin P. Goodrich came to UFV in 2008, and has never left.  While attending UFV he earned both his Associate of Arts Degree in Media & Communications Studies (2011) and his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science (2012).  In his final year, he also served as an elected-member of the UFV Board of Governors.

“The transition was almost seamless; I graduated in June, completed my term of service with the UFV Board of Governors in July, had August off, and was then appointed to the UFV Alumni Association Board of Directors in September.  In fact, I often tell people I’ve only really had one weekend off, because my term of office with the UFV Board of Governors ended on a Friday, and my preliminary interview with the UFV Alumni Association was the following Monday” notes Justin with a chuckle.

A communications consultant and political strategist by profession, Justin is the Managing Partner at Giesbrecht, Goodrich & Co.; an Abbotsford based advocacy, communications and public & government relations firm.  Justin has also been a newspaper columnist, radio host, television host, communications officer (BC Legislature), and has done keynote speaking engagements throughout Canada, the United States, Hong Kong and Singapore.

“My entire career – inclusive of my work in the media – has always been focused in-and-around politics and public affairs.  What has proven most valuable about my education from UFV is that both of my undergraduate credentials compliment my real-life experiences, and therefore help me provide even better value to my clients.”  Justin also notes that his studies at UFV provided him “a great foundation for my graduate law studies.  Much of the subject matter I’m covering for my Masters Degree is subject matter with which I already have a great deal of familiarity.”

With respect to his vision for the future of the UFV Alumni Association, Justin is highly optimistic about what it will hold.  “A large portion of 2013 and 2014 was spent reorganizing and repurposing the association, while simultaneously growing our Board of Directors and re-branding the organization.  Then, at our annual general meeting in September (2014), we rolled-out our new 3-year strategic plan which will be focused on three key areas: engagement, mentorship and fund-raising.  All-in-all, we have established a great foundation upon which we can build some really awesome stuff.”

Justin went on to note “at the end of the day, our job is to invest in our students and our alumni.  We are all part of a very special community, and for those of us who are alumni, we owe it to current students to do all we can to assist them on their academic, and life journey.”