Alumni Commemorative Wine 2015

On Thursday, April 9 at our Commemorative Wine launch Justin P. Goodrich, Chairman of the Alumni Association was pleased to announce the winner of this year’s commemorative wine artist competition, Catherine Adamson, BA'03 and to launch the 2015 Commemorative wine.

Catherine is a Canadian artist and alumna of UFV, having graduated with a BA in English and Visual Arts. She paints with a method she developed called "free-flow" painting. Catherine is a member of the Federation of Canadian Artist and has won several awards over the past few years. Her artwork is inspried by nature and can be found in galleries and coffee shops from Horseshoe Bay to Maui.

The Commemorative wine launch is a highly anticipated annual tradition. This year the wine, produced by Chaberton Estate Winery offers a 2013 Reserve Bacchus and a 2013 Valley Gamay. Download an order form here.

The Commemorative Wine is purchased as graduation gifts, memorabilia, prizes, and for the enjoyment by UFV faculty, staff, students and alumni, and at community gatherings.  The wine can now be purchased through the Alumni Engagement office


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The Alumni Commemorative Wine artist 2014 - Fiona Moes Pel BFA '10

The Alumni Association is delighted to announce that Fiona Moes Pel is the winner of the 2014 Commemorative Wine artists competition.
Fiona's vivid art work has been rendered onto the 2014 Commemorative Wine labels.

About the Artist: Fiona Moes Pel
Fiona  was born and raised in greater Vancouver, British Columbia where she developed a deep love for trees, mountains, and people. Her multi-media approach to creating results in work with both physical and conceptual depth. She currently lives with her husband in East Vancouver, teaches art to high schoolers, and works on personal and commissioned art projects. Her work has been exhibited, collected, and published both locally and abroad.

About the Art
These pieces are part of my most recent series entitled (un)veiled. These works are a tribute to the specific horizon lines that define our sense of place here in British Columbia. The images play with the shapes of both the permanent physical mass and temporary forms of the snow and trees that exist within them.

Fiona Moes Pel - Bakerview
Bakerview (2013) Cut paper
Fiona Moes Pel - Golden Ears

Golden Ears (2013) Cut paper
Fiona Moes Pel - Beside Blackcomb
Beside Blackcomb (2013) Cut paper on copper

More images from the series can be seen on Fiona's website



 The Alumni Commemorative Wine artist 2013 - Anne Franklin BFA '11

The Alumni Association is delighted to announce that Anne Franklin is the winner of the 2013 Commemorative Wine artists competition.
Anne's vivid art work has been rendered onto the 2013 Commemorative Wine labels.

About the Artist: Anne Franklin
Anne has been drawing and painting since she was a child, and has always found herself drawn to the natural beauty of the west coast of British Columbia. Working mainly in acrylics, using jewel tones and flowing lines, she paints the beauty she sees in the forests, islands, seascapes and changing skies of the land she loves. She graduated from UFV with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2012, with a focus on painting.

About the Art
Vivid colours and flowing forms expressively illustrate the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and the artist's personal ties to the land and sea. These works are a powerful yet intimate expression of the peace found in the wilderness, the sense of belonging to a place, and the concept of home.


Tofino Sky - Anne Franklin 2013 
 A Calling - Anne Franklin 2013   Chesterman Storm - Anne Franklin 2013 

 To view more of Anne's work click here.


The Alumni Commemorative Wine artist 2012 - Haley Smith BFA '10

The Alumni Association is delighted to announce that Haley Smith is the winner of the 2012 Commemorative Wine artists competition.

Haley's striking art work has been rendered onto the 2011 Commemorative Wine labels.

Haley Smith, winner of the 2012 Alumni Commemorative Wine Label Artists competitionAbout the Artist: Haley Smith
Haley Smith is an illustrator and designer from Chilliwack and holds both a Diploma and Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of the Fraser Valley. Haley has won numerous awards for her work in graphic design, most recently with Coup d'État Theatre at the 2011 Fraser Valley Zone Festival.  Her work exhibits a variety of stories and experiences, enticing the viewer into bright colours and the movement of action. In creating her art, Haley enjoys focusing on painting as one of her greatest relaxation methods. Click here to view more of Haley's work.

About the Art
Iridescence (Series of two paintings)

With an emphasis on design and aesthetics, Iridescence explores abstract expression in its most simplest of forms ‐ the change of colour as the angle of view or the angle of illumination changes. The viewer is drawn into a chaotic, but crisp and clean composition; a feel for each stroke of the brush is accented with plays of light and hue.

Haley Smith - Iridescence I         Haley Smith - Iridescence II