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Be a Lifesaver!                                        

2013 Faculty/Staff Giving Campaign

UFV is no ordinary university. You know that. Working at UFV is about so much more than being employed. It’s about being part of a community. It’s about supporting students. It’s about being dedicated to the importance of higher learning. It’s about making passions and dreams a reality.

Last year, the Be a Lifesaver! campaign helped 228 students each overcome a personal crisis with much-needed emergency dollars. 

Regrettably, there are still students choosing between books and food, gas, or daycare.

Today's reality is that every post-secondary institution is experiencing government financial cutbacks and corporate philanthropic giving declines. 

That’s why we need your help. Help us help a student by making a gift.

Emergency funding helps students who need financial support during a sudden personal crisis. Many situations can contribute to a sudden and unexpected, stressful personal crisis and put a student at risk of losing everything for which he or she has worked.

Don’t let a sudden personal crisis can cause a student to give up dreams.

Do you work with our students face-to-face in the classroom or administration? Or, do you work to serve students behind the scenes, keeping this institution humming. Whatever your role and level of student contact, you can change our students’ lives, influence their futures, and build community.

Can you lead the way and give right now to help save dreams?

Everywhere you look on campus you see caring, dedicated faculty and staff going to great lengths to help today’s students become tomorrow’s leaders.

Please take your dedication to students and community just one step further today.

This year we want to challenge you this year to:

  1. Renew your gift! Renew now, or if you are on automatic payroll deduction, do nothing and your gift will automatically renew. If you wish to change your gift in any manner, please contact giving@ufv.ca.
  2. Increase your donation. Consider how many more students you can help if you double your gift!
  3. Ask a friend or colleague to match your gift. Long gone are the generous matching funds that we were able to offer in years gone by. Consider the impact this has on our students, and ask one of your friends or colleagues to match your gift. 

Remember that every single dollar you give goes directly to the fund and helps students live their dreams.

To give right now:

Call        604-854-4595 or toll-free +1 888.504.7441, ext. 4595

Email     giving@ufv.ca or write 33844 King Road, Abbotsford, BC  V2S 7M8

Click     Scroll down to the donate now button and click!

Please tell your colleagues about this campaign and ask them to Be a Lifesaver, too.


You can make a difference… become a lifesaver!


100% of funds raised through this initiative will go directly to the fund of your choice.