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Forty years of serving the Fraser Valley. 

We have grown strong roots over forty years – from our humble beginnings as Fraser Valley College, to University College of the Fraser Valley, and in 2008, into University of the Fraser Valley.

Share in our joy as we proudly celebrate this milestone throughout the year.  Be sure to check back frequently to learn of the many ways we will be commemorating forty years of delivering quality education in the Fraser Valley in 2014.


Changing Lives, Building Communities

The University of the Fraser Valley is no ordinary University.

We are a university that was built in the spirit of our cities and with the strength of our citizens. This spirit and strength is unique to the Fraser Valley, an area that values family, community, hard work and entrepreneurship. Our values are your values.

We are a university for the Fraser Valley – The University of the Fraser Valley.

Access to a first-rate post-secondary university in the Fraser Valley is nothing short of necessary. If we want the next generation to remain – to study, grow and establish their own roots in our thriving communities – we must provide them with the benefits of the big city at home. They are our future community and business leaders and they’re worth investing in.

Changing Lives

An investment in the University of the Fraser Valley is an investment in your future. We educate the nurses, tradesmen, business leaders and social service providers of tomorrow. Investing in their education provides them with the resources they need to become the best of the best.

Universities change lives. The University of the Fraser Valley aims to do just that. In providing the best undergraduate education in Canada, we will change the lives of our students, providing them with the skills and tools they need to excel in whatever career they choose.

Building Community

Since our inception, the University of the Fraser Valley has been committed to serving the needs of our communities.

When a local aerospace company approached us with its training needs, we responded. When a group of local dentists expressed a need for a program in dental hygiene, we responded. And when the RCMP approached us with the idea of developing a degree program in police studies (now a national model), we responded. Anything is possible here. We are dedicated to the needs of the Fraser Valley.

Consider also the economic impact of UFV. At the present size, UFV generates approximately $500 million of clean, sustainable, productive, regional economic activity. As we grow, so too will this number.

Your support is needed

Within the exceedingly tight parameters of our budget, we have built a fine institution.  Indeed, according to The Globe and Mail, the best of its kind in the country.

Excellence has a price. This year, UFV’s provincial operating grant is expected to cover approximately 56% of total operating expenses with an additional 23% coming from domestic tuition fees. The shortfall – 21% must come from other sources – international student tuition, ancillary services, research grants and private sector support.  

Unfortunately, this shortfall is growing. Looking forward, we must be entrepreneurial in our quest for funds. A significant increase in tuition fees would be counterproductive, as we know that higher fees are a deterrent for students. Private support – support from the businesses, individuals, foundations and organizations that call the Fraser Valley home – is what’s needed most.

Consider your gift as an investment in your community.

By investing in UFV, you invest in many things: youth, potential, local businesses, the local economy, local capacity, our place in the global marketplace, healthcare and other critical services. One investment. Many returns.

We are The University of the Fraser Valley and we need your support today.