1. How long will parking fees be suspended?

Indefinitely, until remote working conditions come to an end.

  1. Can I still park on campus if I donate my parking fees?

Yes, you can.

  1. How much is my monthly parking fee?

$25.00 ($12.50 per pay)

  1. Where do I find information regarding my payroll deductions, including parking fees?

Log in to myUFV, navigate to Employee Information, then to Pay Information, then to Deductions.

  1. Is it mandatory to redirect my suspended parking fees to a charitable donation?

No, redirecting your fees to a charitable donation is voluntary. You do not need to do anything if you choose not to donate your fees.

  1. Will I receive a charitable tax receipt?

All donations made via payroll deduction are reflected on your T4 as a charitable donation. All other forms of donations (cheques, cash, online, stock transfer, etc.) will receive a tax receipt.

  1. I’m already a payroll donor, what happens to my current donation?

We will add the amount you have authorized in place of your parking fees to your monthly payroll deduction until parking fees are reinstated. At that time, you will have the option of continuing with the increased amount.

  1. What is the UFV Student Emergency Fund?

This is a special fund administered by Financial Aid to assist students experiencing unforeseen financial difficulties that are beyond their control and prevent them from reaching their educational goals.

  1. Can I direct my donation to another program or area at UFV?

You can, however, providing emergency funding to students is our current priority. 

  1. What is the deadline to convert my suspended parking fees?
     You can decide to donate your parking fees at any time, up until remote working conditions come to an end.