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Donna Shaw Memorial Annual Bursary

In her typical quiet and private fashion, Donna Shaw passed away peacefully on January 7th, 2010 in a hospice. Both a student and an employee, Donna greatly appreciated the privilege of continuous learning. Not once did she ever hesitate to give back to the very institution that shaped her future.

Prior to coming to UFV, Donna worked as an office assistant with the Ministry of Health in hospital programs for 17 years. In the fall of 1995, she enrolled in UFV’s Upgrading and University Preparation (UUP) department to further develop her skills. With the same ambition and enthusiasm Donna brought to the UUP program, Donna was accepted into the Library and Information Technology (LIBIT) program. By May of 2002, she had successfully completed it. Just before graduating from the LIBT program, Donna attained a student job in the UFV library, where she maintained the shelves by straightening and tidying the books, and keeping order in the stacks. She worked in the library until 2009. Known for her kind spirit and quirky sense of humour, Donna maintained contact with many people in the Library and Information Technology office. Never too busy to fit in a visit, Noreen Dragani, Instructional Assistant, has many fond memories of Donna’s surprise visits. Despite the fact that Donna had come so far in her educational achievements, she never let the opportunity pass to continue her academic studies, including several adult education courses. Many people believe that over the years Donna must have been taught by almost every faculty member here at UFV!

Rain or shine, Donna’s preferred method of transportation was on foot, and with her she always carried her trademark coffee cup. Her distaste for umbrellas ever present, she claimed that she “walked between the raindrops”. And knowing Donna, she probably did! Her quirky sense of humor and veracious tenacity for life will forever be missed – that is why we here at UFV want to honour the memory of this unique and independent woman. By creating the Donna Shaw Memorial Annual Bursary, we are establishing a legacy in her honour. As an advocate of higher education, and the prime example of someone whose resolve awarded her true fulfillment, this scholarship is an appropriate culmination of her dedication to UFV. Despite all of the obstacles she faced, Donna remained curious and never lost her thirst for knowledge. Donna Shaw is a role model for all, let’s help create her legacy.

Please note that any donation to UFV is eligible for tax receipt for the full gift amount. You are encouraged to make a donation on-line by visiting our Donate Now page to contribute to Donna's fund.