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Supporting UFV

UFV is your university. Its future will affect us all. We invite you to take pride in what we have accomplished thus far and to contribute to the next stage of our development. Invest in UFV. It’s your future.


Cash, credit, or cheque, UFV makes it convenient to give to your university. Consider making your mark on higher education today. All monetary gifts to UFV are tax receiptable and we guarantee receipt issuance within three business days of your donation. Please make cheque payable to the University of the Fraser Valley.

Take advantage of the favourable tax conditions on capital gains by giving your gift to UFV in the form of stocks, bonds, or other bank or broker-controlled options. Gifts of stock can be made throughout the year, over the course of several years or as part of your estate planning.

Downloadable: Share Transfer Form

UFV can work with you regardless of your financial needs at any given moment. Just give us a call and we will explain your options.

UFV can accommodate recurring or monthly giving in any form — cash, cheque, credit card or direct withdrawal from the account of your choosing. How you give is up to you. Plus, you still have the ability to designate your funds towards the project of your choice. By year’s end, you will have made a significant commitment to UFV. Thank you!

Consider making UFV a part of your future plans and ensure a legacy that lasts forever. We can help make the process simple and meaningful. Planned giving allows you the time to incorporate the university into your estate affairs at your convenience. Planned giving can be in the following forms: as a bequest in a will; by naming UFV in an annuity, a life insurance policy, or other similar financial product; or, by identifying UFV as a recipient of a trust. By including UFV in a bequest, you guarantee that the funds set aside for the university are designated according to your preferences and are a part of your estate.

A gift-in-kind is a gift of physical property or non-cash gift. It allows the university to receive (and receipt) an item that we would have otherwise been required to purchase. From fabric for our fashion program or scrap steel for welding, your gift-in-kind can have an enormous impact on the quality of our students’ education.

Corporations wishing to sponsor a UFV activity or event are encouraged to do so! We welcome such sponsors and will recognize you in a way that is meaningful and will provide maximum exposure to our students and staff. From individual student athletes to large campus events, sponsorship allows your corporation an alternative way to give back.