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Student Awards

Supporting students directly is one of the most meaningful and memorable ways to give. One hundred percent of your gift will be given to one or more students that meet certain criteria established by you.

Through the creation of an award, you can reward academic achievement or support those who need it most. You can encourage someone to attend UFV as a new student or help keep them here once they’ve enrolled.


You can make a significant difference for an individual by funding a bursary. It is a tragic loss for the entire community when a young person abandons their dream, not for lack of potential but for lack of funds. Help us ensure that those with potential can develop it, enabling them to launch themselves in their chosen professions within our community. We invite you to talk to us about establishing a bursary in honour or in memory of a loved one, in a particular faculty, department, or field.


Attract and reward the brightest and best by funding a scholarship. Excellence begets excellence. By investing in the brightest and the best we will continue to attract top-level students to our institution and our community. They will lead the way to new knowledge and new solutions to our society’s complex and pressing issues. Scholarships can also be named after you, your company, or your organization for recognition, exposure, or in honour of something or someone significant.


Leadership awards provide the perfect opportunity to reward the students who do so much for their communities. Whether they are volunteers for their church or school, coaches, student government leaders or varsity athletes, these students deserve the recognition a leadership award provides. This is a wonderful opportunity to reward the student who goes above and beyond.


Help UFV attract students by creating an entrance award. These awards can be created for students who are coming to us directly from high school, or for mature students looking for a new start after one or more years in the workforce. Receiving such an award is often the catalystfor ensuring a student enrolls, registers, attends and succeeds.


Awards can be established and given out on an annual basis as long as the donor continues to give, or in perpetuity through the creation of an endowment fund. Donations to awards can be given through the traditional giving channels — through cheque or credit card, a gift of stock or bonds, or through a bequest in one’s will.

Annual awards require a minimum commitment of $500 per year for three years. The award is given out as long as the donor continues to support it. As with all awards, you as the donor are permitted to identify criteria that the student must satisfy in order to be eligible. For example, you can stipulate that the recipient must be a full-time student in the Master of Social Work program.

Establishing an endowment fund requires a minimum commitment of $12,500. The money is invested and professionally managed, generating a 4% return each year. The $500 in interest revenue is then given out to a student annually and the award continues in perpetuity. This investment is a remarkable means of leaving behind a legacy for students forever.

Please contact us today to establish an award for a deserving student.